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What is the difference between Hammock Mount Models?

Updated: May 28, 2021

One of the most common questions we receive about the McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount is… "What is the difference between Hammock Mount Models?" or "Which model do I need?"

We put together the following table to help clarify the differences between our original Hammock Mount and the brand new Bare Bones Hammock Mount.

Original Hammock Mount

The Original Hammock Mount is designed to be the ultimate in convenience for mobile hammocking. The folding and telescoping design allows the components to stow into a compact package, yet extend to the full 114” span to hang a standard hammock. It features premium coatings and is completely self-contained for ease of use.

Bare Bones Hammock Mount

The Bare Bones Hammock Mount is our newest hammock stand and is designed as a lower cost option with the same great hammock hang-ability from your trailer hitch. The frame portion can remain in your vehicle hitch while driving but the arms must be stowed elsewhere. The base model Bare Bones Hammock Mount does not include coating in order to keep the cost low; however, powdercoat is available as an add-on option.

Bare Bones XL Hammock Mount

The Bare Bones Hammock Mount is a variant of our standard Bare Bones that accommodates longer hammocks with a 125" span. This is accomplished with 2 longer arm tubes while the frame portion and two smaller tubes remain the same as the standard Bare Bones. All Bare Bones XLs come with a powdercoated finish.

And here’s little more info about our other variants:

Extended Hammock Mount

This version is identical to the original Hammock Mount except it has a longer receiver tube with multiple hole configurations. This allows users to adjust the length in which the hammock mount protrudes from the hitch. The extended version is intended for use on Jeeps or other vehicles with a swing-out spare tire carrier or unique hitch, bumper, or rear end configuration.

Tire Stand

The Tire Stand is not a Hammock Mount. The Tire Stand is an adapter that allows the user to attach one of the above Hammock Mounts to your tire (extended version not recommended for use with this accessory). Below is a collection of images: what is included with the Tire Stand (left), the Tire Stand attached to a tire (center) and how it is setup when a Hammock Mount is installed in the Tire Stand (right).

We hope this helps provide some clarity into our product line and becomes an aid for you when deciding how to set up your hitch-mounted hammocking experience!

Happy adventuring!



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