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Chris McLean
Jillian McLean



Chris has a passion for creating solutions that help you enhance your adventures.  As a teenager, he discovered an affinity for driving, repairing and eventually building custom off road vehicles.  This would lead him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where he continued to grow his skills and education.


After graduating, Chris began working for Boeing Commercial Airplanes as a Manufacturing Engineer and later as a Tooling Engineer. This depth and breadth of experience has shaped Chris into a proficient Engineer and skilled fabricator. He has over 14 years of experience in the automotive, engineering, design, machining, fabrication and welding fields. 


These skills, combined with highest standard of quality, attention to detail, and the knowledge to get there will help Chris lead McLean Metalworks in developing unique and elegant solutions to all your hammocking and manufacturing needs.

Jillian discovered her passion for the outdoors as a child- surfing at the beach and road tripping with her family from their home in Southern California.

She has always had a desire to challenge herself both physically and academically, a trait which led her to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA. After entering the working world and refocusing on developing people rather than numbers, Jillian chose to go back to school to earn a Master’s in Engineering Management from Embry Riddle. She brings both real world problem solving as well as business acumen to McLean Metalworks.

In her day job, Jillian loves leading people and building cool products in the tech industry. Her tenacity, sense of humor, and desire for adventure contribute to her expertise in managing McLean Metalworks.  Jillian has been converted to a Hammock Lover and makes McLean Metalworks the fun, family-owned business that it is today.

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