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Service Bulletin 001 : Maintenance on Your Hammock Mount

Have you noticed some staining and discoloration on the arms on your McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount? If it has been outdoors and seen any rain, moisture, or especially salt, you likely have and we are going to help you fix it.

The ability to hammock anywhere also means your hammock mount may get exposed to all of the elements!

Why Does This Happen?

The McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount is powdercoated on all exterior surfaces; however, this process doesn’t allow for coating of the inside of the tubes. This leaves the inside of the tubes with just a minimally corrosion resistant pre-treatment. Once water gets trapped inside of the tubes and some surface rust begins to form, it creates an iron oxide bath which begins to discolor the tubes. Thankfully, with proper maintenance and care, corrosion can be mitigated and your Hammock Mount will stay looking like new.

An example of normal discoloration after exposure to the elements


There are a couple of steps required to restore your finish and mitigate any corrosion. These quick steps can be done with standard household products and no tools required.

Materials list:

  1. Baking Soda

  2. Cleaning Solution (Simple Green, Purple Power, or even water will work)

  3. Gloves (recommended)

  4. Small Bowl

  5. Oil or corrosion inhibitor like WD-40 or similar (readily available at hardware store), Aerosol or spray bottle recommended

  6. Knife or small screwdriver

  7. Rag, towel or paper towels

First, to address the staining/discoloration of the tubes, take some baking soda and Simple Green/PP/Water and create a paste in your bowl. Using your gloves, apply the paste to the tubes and rub until discoloration has been removed to your satisfaction. Wipe clean when complete. (it may be easier to remove the tubes for this step)

Next, remove the caps from the top and bottom tubes carefully using your knife or small screwdriver. It can also help to remove the spring buttons (not required). Test a small amount of your choice of corrosion inhibitor on a hidden area of powdercoat to ensure that it will not damage the coating. Spray your corrosion inhibitor inside of each tube until interior is fully covered. Reinstall all components and wipe clean.

Service Interval

McLean Metalworks recommends performing this service twice a year, or when signs of corrosion begin to appear.


Storage of your Hammock Mount can have a large impact on your particular maintenance interval. We recommend that your Hammock Mount is stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. Also, performing this maintenance before storage will ensure that your Hammock Mount will be in the best condition for your next use. If cool, dry storage is not available, or if regular exposure to extreme conditions occurs, maintenance is recommended on a shorter interval.

Other Maintenance

While you are maintaining the surfaces of your McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount, this is also a great time to inspect the all other components, as follows:

  1. Ensure all hardware is tight

  2. Ensure that all spring buttons operate properly

  3. Ensure that all plastic tape is in good condition (inside lip of large and mid-sized tubes)

  4. Spray corrosion inhibitor inside and on spring pins (on frame)

Please contact us if any replacement parts are required.

Final Note

Following these instructions will ensure a long (and prettier) life for your McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount. We hope you are enjoying your Hammock Mount and HAPPY ADVENTURING!



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