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At McLean Metalworks, we can do more than just help you hammock anywhere! We hold ourselves to the highest standards with the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work we do. We are highly trained and qualified to meet all your needs, dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services tailored to your unique preferences and situation. Take a look at some of the additional services we offer below.

On the Rig

Where Functionality Meets Durability

Let us help you customize your rig. With solutions tailored to your vehicle and to where you want to go, McLean Metalworks will help take your off-road adventure to the next level. We specialize in custom vehicle modifications, tube work, vehicle protection, and essential add-ons for your adventures on and off the roads.

In the Shop

Innovative Solutions for your Shop or Garage

You can't build the best if you're not working with the best. We can help create workplace tooling, storage, and equipment solutions that meet your shop or garage needs. With extensive experience in the design and implementation of home and professional workshops, we know the value of your space, your time, and your money. Let us create a solution that is right for you and your shop.

In the Home

Integrating Industrial Designs into Your Home

Looking for the next statement piece for your home? We can help tie your love for an industrial feel into your already welcoming home. From shelving to accent tables to decorative fixtures, McLean Metalworks can create a one of a kind piece that fits your personal style.

Purchase one of our pre-made products by visiting our store today, or contact us for a custom project quote.

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