This bungee cord has been chosen to best secure the arms of the McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount. The length is perfectly suited for eye-to-eye retention of the arms. It is very high quality with no exposed metal to damage the coating and...MADE IN THE USA!

The Hammock Mount is completely self-contained and safe to leave in your trailer hitch during travel; however, there will be some movement of the components especially when traveling on rough terrain. Due to the folding and telescoping design, some of the components may rattle or slide minimally. We have not noticed nor received any complaints about the noise but this bungee will secure the arms and help protect the coatings from extra wear.

These bungees are great for many other uses too. From tying down loose cargo, to attaching tarps, to securing tools, these bungees will do it all!

The Perfect Bungee



    Bend, OR

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