This Awning Kit will attach to any McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount to provide shelter from the rain, sun and/or wind. It sets up quickly using extension poles that are installed into the ends of the Hammock Mount arms. The loose tarp ends can be attached to your vehicle, guy'd to the ground, or secured using our optional Suction Cup and/or Adjustable Tarp Pole.  Both the original Hammock Mount and Bare Bones have provisions to attach to the Awning Kit.


The kit includes 2 extension poles and a tarp.


Optional equipment:

Adjustable Pole- This pole is intended for the non-vehicle corner of the tarp. Raise the Awning Attachment opening for an inviting and spacious covered area. This pole must be guy'd out to secure. Pole is Silver in color. *Adjustable Poles cannot be shipped international

Suction Cup- This accessory is a secure way to mount the vehicle side corner of the tarp to your vehicle if there are no other attachment points available. 

Bag- This bag will store all components of your awning kit when not in use. This is a high quality, made in USA from tough duck material. Bag is grey in color.


Awning Kit

Adjustable Pole
Suction Cup Tie Down